A brief introduction to the 8 quality standards that all Home-Start schemes work to. So no matter where in the country a family lives they know they will get the same quality of care.

1.   Governance and Strategic Planning

      Home-Start governs itself effectively and responsibly ensuring that its legal and financial

       obligations are met. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and trustees have the   
necessary qualities, skills and knowledge to fulfil the mission and objectives of the charity.
       Planning is based on the needs of the communities served and on the Home-Start approach 
       and ethos. Home-Start ensures that any activities maintain the Home-Start ethos and focus
       on the provision of high quality support to families.


2.   Learning and Improving

      Home-Start maintains and improves the quality of its services to families by using the 
       Home-Start quality assurance system.  Plans are based on the needs of the communities they
       serve and on the Home-Start approach and ethos.  Clear priorities and targets are set,
       reviewed and regularly updated.  Home-Start  assesses the impact and outcomes of its work. 
       Collecting the views of families, volunteers and other agencies is integral to the work. 
       Monitoring and evaluation informs decision making and is used to shape and promote the


3.   Managing Resources

      Home-Start manages its money and resources effectively.  Budgets are carefully monitored
        and risks assessed.  Trustees ensure reliable financial controls are in place and are
        compliant with regulatory and legal requirements.  Adequate funds are secured to ensure
        financial viability.


4.   Managing Staff

      Home-Start recruits and supports the right staff to achieve its mission.  There are adequate
       numbers of staff to carry out the work undertaken.  Staff have the appropriate skills, know
       who they are accountable to and understand their role.  All legal, regulatory and
       employment requirements are met.


5.   Managing Volunteers

      Home-Start works with its volunteers for the benefit of families and the volunteers
        themselves.  Suitable volunteers are recruited, selected, trained and appropriately deployed
        according to their skills and experience.  Volunteers understand their roles and
        responsibilities, are valued, supervised regularly and supported.


6.   Managing Information

      Home-Start demonstrates that confidentiality, dignity and respect are fundamental 
       principles.  Relationships with families are built within clear confidentiality and information
       sharing guidelines.  The scheme stores and manages information effectively, complying with
       relevant legislation.  Home-Start records and analyses data accurately to assess the impact
       and outcomes of its work. 


7.   Welfare of Children & Supporting Families
        Home-Start offers volunteer support to families within their own home.  The service is
        focused on identified needs, and is well managed and regularly reviewed.  Additional
        services are established where there is an identified need and it complements the core work
        of Home-Start.  The welfare and rights of children are central to all Home-Start support to
        families.  The scheme deals with safeguarding/child protection issues effectively, backed by
        robust policy and procedures.  All activities with children are carried out safely, managing
        risk appropriately.


8.   Working in Partnership

      Home-Start engages with the wider Home-Start network, and with local agencies and
       professionals in order to ensure best practice in family support.