A short story - someone who received support from Home-Start Trafford

Can you imagine being a new mum with twins? Can you imagine not being able to get help from your family because they all work? Can you imagine your new baby twins being in the special care unit at hospital because they were premature, and having to travel on public transport, catching 4 buses every day to go backwards and forwards to see them? And when you finally bring your new babies home can you imagine having major essential repair works done on your home resulting in you all virtually living in one room upstairs?
For one of the families that Home-Start Trafford has supported, they didn’t imagine such circumstances, it was a reality! It's not surprising that the mum felt isolated and overwhelmed - like it was all too much.

A Home-Start Trafford volunteer visited this family for a couple of hours a week, in mum’s own words, “My volunteer helped me get out of the door, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to leave the house without her!”

Unfortunately the twins suffered on-going health problems, but the volunteer supported the family when one of the twins underwent a major operation. Mum said, “My volunteer was someone that I could talk to”.

The volunteer continued to support this family for 8 months. Thankfully they are now in a happy place, both twins have grown and developed into beautiful, fit and healthy girls. Mum is also doing well studying for a degree in early childhood studies. She is also considering becoming a Home-start Trafford volunteer herself when the twins start full-time education!